Mind Builders

Welcome to Mind Builders where students confidence, self esteem and social success are at the centre of our learning process.

Mind Builders is a project being run by Rivers of Joy Initiatives, a social enterprise with the aim of impacting lives and transforming communities. We aim to provide an enabling environment for pupils to be the best they can bein their academic pursuits through.

-Provision of excellent examination preparation.
-Maths, English and Science tutoring for pupils to give them confidence and build self esteem whilst preparing for entrance into top grammar and independent schools

​We prepare the pupils for 11+ and KS3 SAT exams

Our tutors focus on the following core subjects
​Verbal Reasoning
Non-Verbal Reasoning

Tuition takes place every Saturday in a safe environment.

Time.  12:30 -2:30pm

Price £12.00 per hour

Homework are set every week for children to identify the problem area of each pupil.

Please call us on 07950251108
Or mindbuilders@riversofjoyinitiatives.org

We are now enrolling children for 2014/2015 exam courses.

​Call to book an assessment for your child. Get your child ahead of school, develop their mind!


Mind Builders