Health Clinics



In line with the B&D Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, the health status of the adult population in the borough is poor. The prevalence of smoking is the major factor in the population; experiencing some of the worst health in London and England. Moreover, Alcohol permeates all areas of life in Barking & Dagenham and this is a catalyst for child abuse, domestic violence, street violence and days off sickness.

The Obesity and Teenage pregnancy rates are quite high when compared with elsewhere in London.In view of the above, we are partnering with GPs and Pharmacists in the borough and we will be creating an awareness in the community among different age groups especially the black ethnic minority to deal with drugs and alcohol prevention; teenage pregnancy prevention and dealing with obesity among the youths to enhance healthy lifestyle and curb poverty from the grassroots which is driven by these vices.

​Details of the date, time and venue of our Health Clinics awareness will come up shortly.

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